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Summary Report

Report generation is performed with a selected criterion from the set of dropdown menus, summarizing AEZ results data. While “Summary Report” module summarized AEZ results for a selected single scenario, “Summary Report Comparison” module allows comparison of AEZ results of two selected scenarios. All summary reports can be generated under regional, provincial and district administrative levels.

All data are summarized under three main thematic areas as below,

  • Land Resources – This section includes multiple spatial layers of climate, terrain, water, land cover, etc. which are used for estimating crop suitability and potential yields.
  • Agro-Climatic Resources - This section includes relevant characteristics of prevailing thermal and moisture regimes and growing periods which are used for estimating crop suitability and potential yield in intermediate levels.
  • Suitability & Potential Yield – This section includes the possible upper limit to produce individual crops under given agro-climatic, soil and terrain conditions for a specific management and input levels.

Summary data are visualized with appropriate graphs with option to download the data in tabular format. In case of “Summary Report Comparison” module, comparative results are generated with difference values producing delta tables which allow quick comparison of two selected scenarios. PDF file of the whole report can also be downloaded.

Please select scenarios that you want to generate summary reports,